1. The Battlefield and the Armies Learn about the chess board, the names of the squares, the names of the pieces and how they move, then have a go yourself and see how you get on.
2. How to Win at Chess Check, Checkmate, Stalemate: what they mean and what happens when they occur in the game. Learn the three ways of getting out of check.
3. More About Checkmate More checkmate positions: we learn the three most common mating ideas: the Kiss of Death, the Firing Squad and the Guillotine.
4. A Few More Rules The more complicated rules: how to castle, the en passant pawn capture, different types of draw. The Touch And Move rule.
5. The Value of the Pieces How much the pieces are worth, the importance of having a stronger army than your opponent, how to win pieces and how not to lose pieces.
6. Looking for Mates How to look for checkmates in your games. How to get Fool's Mate and Scholar's Mate. What happened when Paul and Mischa played their first games.
7. Attacks and Threats Learning to look for your opponent's threats before making a move. How to stop Scholar's Mate.
8. Starting the Game What to do at the start of the game: an introduction to basic opening principles. How to read chess notation.
9. Putting it all Together A recap of the last few lessons, and the nine letters which, if you oremember them every move, will help you play better chess.