We are pleased to announce that chessKIDS academy coaching books are now available in pdf (ADOBE ACROBAT) format. They are also available in rtf format, which should be readable in your favourite Word Processor as long as you download the chess pieces font (permission granted by ChessBase gmbh).

You can download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for free HERE.

Please note that everything on here is currently FREE - but donations (as much as you feel appropriate) are always welcome.

BEGINNERS' GUIDE (Suggested price: $1.00)

The Laws of Chess explained with the aid of easy to understand diagrams. Don't believe the instructions that come with your chess set!

Click HERE for the pdf version and HERE for the RTF version.

PARENTS' GUIDE (Suggested price: $1.00)

Our guide for Parents - how to help your children with chess. This version was written for schools in Richmond (SW London) so includes some local references.

Click HERE to read or download this booklet.

SCHOOLS LESSONS (Suggested price: Volume 1: $2.00, Volume 2: $5.00)

Volume 1: a set of nine lessons designed for school chess clubs. A very basic knowledge of the moves is assumed.

Volume 2: a set of 24 lessons for school chess clubs including the basic tactics, strategy and opening knowledge required to succeed in Primary/Elementary School Chess.

Click HERE for the complete course in PDF format, HERE for the UK version of the complete course in RTF format and HERE for the US version.

To download invidiual chapters in PDF format click HERE for Volume 1 and HERE for Volume 2.

MOVE TWO! (Suggested price: $10.00)

The unpublished successor to MOVE ONE! (not currently available), covering the same material in the above course in more detail, aloing with much background material on chess history, chess variants etc.. This works best for one-to-one or small group tuition.

Click HERE to download MOVE TWO! in PDF format or HERE to download MOVE TWO! in RTF format.

To download individual chapters in PDF format click HERE.

SIMPLE OPENINGS GUIDES (Suggested price: $1.00 each or $5.00 for all ten)

Our simple guides to the most important openings.

Click HERE for the PDF version or HERE for the RTF version.

To dovnload individual chapters in PDF format click HERE.

PERSONALIZED STORY BOOK (Suggested price: $2.00)

A personalized story book about learning chess for YOUR children. Just enter the name of your child and - as if by magic - a story about him or her will appear on the screen. (NB this is NOT in PDF format).

Click HERE to generate a story book for your child.