1. Space Invaders In this course we start by sticking a pawn in the middle of the board. Learn what happens if you don't do this: those Space Invaders come down and zap you!
2. How not to Lose in Four Moves Scholar's Mate is a sad opening in which sad players beat even sadder players in four moves. Learn how to demolish anyone who dares to try it against you.
3. The Black Queen Goes Walkabout In which the Queen goes for a walk and eats a pawn for lunch. It's not oa good idea to move your Queen round the board in the opening: here's how to beat anyone who tries it.
4. The Firing Squad The Firing Squad is one of our three basic mating ideas. Learn how to win if you've go two Rooks left at the end of the game, and how you can use the same idea in the middle game.
5. Caught in the Snare Sometimes you can win a piece which has no safe squares to go to. Learn how you can do this right from the opening. There's also a reminder of what you learnt in Lessons 1 and 3.
6. The Queen's Lunch Break It CAN be good to bring your Queen out early on if you can zap an undefended enemy piece by means of a FORK. Here's how you can do this in your own games.
7. The Double Freddie Astound your friends by learning a simple attacking technique that can win you game after game in just a few moves with absolutely no risk. It works, believe me!
8. Explosion on f7 Learn how to put a bomb under his weakest square and detonate the enemy position. If you konw what to look for you'll win games regularly by using these ideas.
9. The Two Champions We look at a simple, easy to understand opening suitable for beginners, and then travel back in time to see what happened when two World Champions tried it out.
10. The Fork Trick A tactical idea you can use to get a good opening time and time again, plus another idea to win a piece which comes up regularly in games at this level.
11. Charlie Lends a Hand Learn how to build up a strong pawn centre, drive your opponent's pieces back and score a quick victory in this dynamic opening.
12. The Kiss of Death How to win with King and Queen, and how you can use the same idea to mate in the middle game or opening: another of our three basic mating ideas.
13. Fried Liver: It's Offal for Black This opening leads to more quick wins than anything else in top level primary school chess. Learn how to sacrifice your Knight for a vicious attack often leading to a swift mate.
14. The Guillotine Look at two of the most famous and brilliant finishes in chess history as you learn about the third of our basic mating ideas: one you can use to win many of your own games.
15. The Spanish Torture The stsrongest opening in the world. Understand it and you're well on your way to becoming a master. Stand back and wwatch in amazement as a Prime Minister shows you how.
16. Trouble on the e-file You'll often meet players who just try to copy your moves. Here's how to beat the Copycat Defence, together with more about the Spanish Torture.
17. Voyage of Discovery Join us in another voyage to the exciting world of Tactics as we learn about Discovered Attacks, Discovered Checks and Double Checks, ideas you can use in your own games.
18. Time Bandits The best opening we know to develop your attacking technique. Sacrifice two pawns for a raging attack with your Bishops. We travel back to the last century to see how it's done.
19. Decoy and Destroy Another trip to Planet Tactics as we investigate ideas about how to get rid of enemy defenders. Plus a Special Bonus: how to beat the World's Worst Opening.
20. Freddie Takes a Trip Perhaps the scariest ride in the Chess Openings Theme Park. Are you brave enough to try out the opening more likely than any other to leada to quick wins - for either side?
21. The Fatal Diagonal Find out more about the King's Gambit as you learn how to score stunning victories agains opponents who move their King-side pawns at the start of the game.
22. Boys will be Girls Eddie wants to become Queen Edwina - how can we help him? Learn how - and when - a pawn can become a queen, and see how even just one extra pawn can win you the game.
23. The King Goes to Jail King and Rook against King - it happens a lot. Many players don't know how to win with it but it's easy if you know how. Learn the technique and you won't regret it.
24. A Night at the Opera Travel back in time again to watch the most instructive game ever played, and see if you can help Paul Morphy win one of the games that made him so famous.