It was breakfast time at the Palace. The Black King was reading the papers. "It says here we're less popular than ever before." The Black Queen looked up from her cornflakes. "What should we do about it?" she asked. "I know" said the King. Why don't you go walkabout and meet the people. That should make us more popular. Pass the marmalade, will you, dear?" "Good idea. I'll set out at lunch time today." So off she went.

1. e2-e4 e7-e5

The e-pawn opens the door for the Queen to go out.

2. Ng1-f3

A good move DEVELOPING a Knight, CONTROLLING THE CENTRE, THREATENING a Pawn and preparing to CASTLE. What more could you want?

2... Qd8-f6

"Isn't it a lovely day?" exclaimed the Queen. "And what a lovely view from f6."

3. Bf1-c4

Another good move, DEVELOPING a Bishop, CONTROLLING THE CENTRE, ATTACKING the weakie on f7 and preparing to CASTLE.

3... Qf6-g6

"It's lunch time and I'm feeling peckish" said the Queen. A Pawn cocktail for starters would be yummy. I'll FORK those two Pawns on e4 and g2!"

4. 0-0

White continues to play well. Why does he castle here? For three reasons.

1. To make the King safe.

2. To DEVELOP the Rook

3. To DEFEND the Pawn on g2.

4... Qg6xe4 (Diagram)

"Delicious! Pawn cocktail's always been my favourite" drooled the Black Queen.

It's White's move. What would you suggest? Think CCT!

5. Bc4xf7+

If you're thinking CCT this should be the first move you look at: CHECKS, Captures, Threats. It looks crazy at first, but if you imagine the position after Black takes the Bishop and do another CCT you'll find Nf3-g5+, a KNIGHT FORK, winning the Queen.

The crowd were outraged. "The Black Queen's eaten Eddie!", they cried. "That's murder! How dreadful!" The Bishop knocked down the palace door with his crook. "Come on out, King! You've got a lot to answer for. Your wife's just eaten Eddie!"

5... Ke8-e7

"No! Shan't!" The Black King was defiant.

Now choose a move for White.

6. Rf1-e1

DEVELOPING the Rook, THREATENING the Queen and setting up an ATTACK on the Pawn on e5.

The Palace Guard came out and fired a shot at the Black Queen.

6... Qe4-f4

"Help, help! They're shooting me! And all I did was have lunch!"

7. Re1xe5+

The Guard ran towards the Black King's palace and fired another shot, this time taking aim at the Black King.

7... Ke7xf7 (Diagram)

The Black King stepped aside and as he did so took out his sword and stabbed the White Bishop through the heart.

The crowd were even more furious. "The Black King's killed one of our Bishops", they cried. He'll pay for this."

It's your move. What would you play here?

8. d2-d4

The Black Queen has moved into line with the White Bishop so this move DISCOVERS an attack on the Black Queen.

The remaining White Bishop was angrier than anyone. "He's killed my brother! Move out of the way, Danny, and let me join in!" he ordered.

9... Qf4-f6

The Queen, again under attack, rushed back to help the Black King.

Now what?

9. Nf3-g5+

If you do a CCT you'll see that this move is strong, forcing the Black King out into the middle of the board.

The White Knight gallopped into the attack, checking the Black King.

9... Kf7-g6

"Take that Knight, you fat old fool" shouted the King to the Queen.

"Certainly not! If I take him the Rook will kill me."

"I'm not going out any further. I'm scared of being attacked."

"Tough luck. I'm staying put! You've got no choice but to move."

So the reluctant King moved out to g6. It's your move again.

10. Qd1-d3+

You should realise by now that the Black King is not going to survive very long. So CCT to find a check, and try to get another piece into the attack.

What would you do if the Black King went to h6 now? Look down the line of your Bishop on c1 and you'll see the King at the end. So a Knight move is DISCOVERED CHECK. And a CCT will discover Ng5-f7 which is DOUBLE CHECK and MATE!

10... Kg6-h5 (Diagram)

"Help me! Help me! The White Queen's just hit me. Save me, someone!"

And what's the quickest way to finish off the Black King? CCT!

11. g2-g4+

By now almost everything wins for White. You might have found a DISCOVERED CHECK to win the Queen: Ng5xh7+ or Ng5-e4+. Qd3-h3 isn't quite mate: Black's King can go back to g6. But the quickest way to win is to SACRIFICE Gerry.

The heroic Pawn gives up his life in exchange for the Black King.

11... Kh5xg4

"It's all over. I've got nowhere to hide. But at least I can eat a tasty Pawn before I die."

Can you find the mate after Kh5-h6? Yes, it's Ng5-f7 (DOUBLE CHECK!). And after Kh5-h4 can you find TWO mates? Yes, Qd3-g3 or Qd3-h3. And after Kh5xg4?

12. Qd3-h3# (Diagram)

Only this move is checkmate!

"Oh no!" cried the Black Queen. "They've killed Kenny!"

Play though the game again and see if you can remember the moves.

In this game Black made one pawn move, five Queen moves and five King moves. THIS IS NOT HOW YOU PLAY CHESS!

White followed all the rules at the start of the game. He developed a Knight, then a Bishop, then he CASTLED. Then, because his e-pawn had disappeared he put his Rook on the e-file. By that time he already had a winning position.

Black, on the other hand, broke most of the rules. He didn't develop his Knights and Bishops. He didn't try to castle. He brought his Queen out too soon and moved it too many times. Because White was ahead in development he was able to start attacking first.


1. Develop your Knights and Bishops as quickly as you can. Once a centre pawn has been taken, CASTLE as quickly as you can.

2. Don't bring out your Queen in the opening without a very good reason. Don't move pieces more than once in the opening without a very good reason.

3. If your opponent brings his Queen out too soon use your knights and bishops to attack her.

4. Think CCT every move. Try to look ahead. If I check him he must go there. Then do I have any more checks? Don't be afraid to look at moves which lose pieces. Sometimes - not very often, but sometimes - they turn out to be good.

White to move

White to move

White to move