Welcome to the battlefield. Please tell me what you'd like me to call you in this battle.

Your opponent in this battle, kiddo, is FISHY BOBBER, the world's most famous chess

Fishy is going to challenge you to a game of CAPTURE THE FLAG. The rules are very simple.

The first player to get a pawn to the end of the board without it being taken CAPTURES THE FLAG and wins the battle.

In these QUEEN games, a pawn that reaches the end will turn into a ROOK. You claim the win by moving your ROOK.

If either player has no moves or no pieces he loses.

Don't forget to watch out for EN PASSANT captures!

You can play with one queen and eight pawns each, or Fishy will give you an advantage of one or two pawns.

You can even give Fishy an advantage of one or two pawns if you're really brave. Just click on the YOU START button and he'll turn the board round and make his first move.

One word of warning: Fishy can get VERY ANGRY if he loses, so perhaps you'd better let him win!!

Choose your challenge now.

Level 1: 8 pawns v 6 pawns: one queen each
Level 2: 8 pawns v 7 pawns: one queen each
Level 3: 8 pawns and one queen each
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Don't forget to print off your games and show them to your parents or chess teacher!