Welcome back. Perhaps you'd like to tell me what you'd like me to call you.

Have you learnt all about EXCHANGING, kiddo?

Yes, I know all about exchanging.

I'd like to do the exchanging lesson again.

Take me straight to the games.

Now you've learned all the rules it's time for you to fight your first battles.

We have some really tough and scary opponents waiting to take you on.

You've probably already met the great FISHY BOBBER and played some CAPTURE THE FLAG games against him.

Now you have the chance to take him on in a real battle.

He'll even start without some of his pieces to give you a chance, but remember you must always let him win. He gets VERY angry when he loses!

If you think Fishy's a bit too tough for you, try a battle against the top Russian Grandmaster KASPY GARIKOV. Kaspy will give you a slightly easier time than Fishy.

Like Fishy, he'll start without some of his pieces to give you a chance, but, like Fishy, he also gets very angry when he loses!

For a harder challenge you could take on our computer DEEP RED, who would have no problem beating both Fishy and Kaspy at the same time.

Only very strong players can beat him at the top level, but again he'll play without some of his pieces to give you a chance.

You could also visit SPARKCHESS where you can play Cody, Claire or Boris.

Cody, like you, is a kid learning chess so he'll be a good opponent for you.

Claire will probably be too hard, and Boris will certainly be too hard.

Would you like some advice on how to play your first games?

Yes please. I'll need all the help I can get.

No thanks. I'm ready to play now.

Start by taking on either Kaspy or Fishy at level 1. You'll be playing White in this position.

You have a very big advantage here - a 31 point advantage in fact - so you can afford to make a few mistakes and still win.

The quickest way to win is to bring your queen out quickly along with your bishops and knights. You'll be able to win the enemy pawns and get checkmate easily.

A good way to release your pieces is to EXCHANGE pawns by using a PAWN BREAK.

The best way to start your game is by moving the pawn on e2 to e4. This opens up diagonals for your queen and bishop.

If your opponent does the same thing you reach the position on your left. Now, if you move your pawn from d2 to d4 you will force a pawn exchange. If he doesn't take you, you can take him. You will then have more space for your pieces and he will have fewer pawns to defend him.

Every move of every game you have to do THREE THINGS.

The first thing you have to do is ATTACK.

What good moves can I play?

Can I capture an enemy piece safely?

Even better, can I get CHECKMATE?

The second things you have to do is DEFEND. To do this you have to look VERY CAREFULLY at your opponent's pieces.

In particular, you have to look at his LAST MOVE.

Why did he play that move?

Is he THREATENING one of your pieces?

If so, you should probably do something about it.

Is he CHECKING you?

If so, you MUST do something about it.

The third thing you have to do is this.

It's much harder than the first two.

When you've thought of a move STOP AND LOOK.

Ask yourself "Will my piece be SAFE on that square?"

When you're playing FISHY or KASPY you move by clicking in the middle of the square you want to move from, and then in the middle of the square you want to move to. Use the cursor, not the piece, to find the middle of the square.

You will see that they both keep a record of the moves of the game. It's a good idea to print off your games and go through them with a stronger player.

When you're playing DEEP RED you move by sliding the piece with the cursor.

This program doesn't tell you at the end whether it's CHECKMATE or STALEMATE. You have to work it out for yourself!

Two more things.

If you want to castle play the king move (for instance from e1 to g1) and your opponent will play the rook move for you.

If you find your opponent won't let you play the move you want to play it's probably because you haven't noticed that you're IN CHECK. Look carefully to see if your king is being attacked by an enemy piece. If so, you must GET OUT OF CHECK before you can do anything else.

If you're ready to play, choose your opponent.

I want to play FISHY.

I want to play KASPY.

I want to play DEEP RED.

I want to play Cody on SPARKCHESS.