Welcome back. Perhaps you'd like to tell me what you'd like me to call you this lesson.

Do you remember the EN PASSANT rule and understand all the SINGLE and DOUBLE COMBAT games, kiddo?

I can win them all by choosing the right colour

I don't understand all the SINGLE COMBAT games

I understand the SINGLE COMBAT games but not the DOUBLE COMBAT games

I don't remember the EN PASSANT rule
In that case you're ready to start learning about the other pieces in your army.

First, we're going to look at the ROOK.

In the battle against the evil aliens, the ROOK rides a SKATEBOARD into battle.

On the chessboard, the ROOK is the chariot in your army. This is what it looks like.. You will remember that it looks like a tower or a castle but we always call it a ROOK.

This is what a ROOK does.

It moves backwards, forwards or sideways as far as it likes.

These are the squares it can move to on an empty board. Count them: there are 14.

Anywhere you put the ROOK on the board it can move to 14 squares.

Good, isn't it? Much better than a PAWN!

You know that the PAWN moves forwards and captures diagonally.

The ROOK, like all the other pieces captures the same way as it moves.

If there's another piece of the same colour in its way it cannot move to or beyond that square.

If there's an enemy piece in its way it can CAPTURE it but it cannot move any further.

In this diagram the ROOK can move to all the squares marked with a circle.

It can CAPTURE either the Black pawn on b4 or the Black pawn on e5.

The ROOK cannot jump over other pieces. In this position the White pawn stops the ROOK moving beyond f4.

Note also that if the ROOK moved to d4 or f4 it would be CAPTURED by the Black pawn on e5, so those moves would be dangerous.

Easy, isn't it? Let's see how much you can remember.

That's all there is to it.

All you have to do now is a REALLY HARD EXAM and then you'll be able to take part in some ROOK BATTLES.

That's the end of the lesson, kiddo.

Rooks are some of the most powerful pieces in your army. We need to make sure you know all about them.

Are you ready for the REALLY HARD EXAM?

You bet! Bring it on!

Can I repeat the lesson first?

I'll do it later - I have to go now

I'm scared of stabbing myself with the pencil