The SCHOOL section of our KIDS' ZONE offers an online interactive chess course.

This course is designed mainly for young kids to work through with their parents but it has also been used by beginners of all levels.

The course is divided into 9 classes, each of which could correspond to a 10-week term at a school chess club. If you want to work through faster than that feel free to do so.

The first three classes will teach you the rules and basic principles of the game. The entire course will provide you with everything you need to know to take part in adult club or tournament chess.

You can also reach the individual lessons from here:

The Board and the Pieces
The Rook Move
The Bishop Move
The Queen Move
The King Move
The Knight Move
The Pawn Move

Check and Checkmate
Typical Checkmates
Pawn Promotion
En Passant
Other Ways to Win and Draw

The Names of the Squares
The Values of the Pieces
Looking for Captures
Attacks, Defenses and Threats
Looking for Checkmates
Basic Opening Principles
The Two Rooks Checkmate
More About Notation
Scholar's Mate Part 1
Scholar's Mate Part 2
Further Opening Principles
Learning About Forks
Learning About Pins and Skewers
The King and Queen Checkmate

The Fatal Diagonal
The Black Queen's Walkabout
Your First Openings
Queen Forks
Back Rank Mates
Discovered Attacks
The King and Rook Checkmate

The Double Freddie
Explosion on f7
The Italian Game
The Fork Trick
The Two Knights Defense
The Fork Trick
Pawn Endings 1
The Ruy Lopez
The Castled King
Pawn Endings 2
Pawn Formations
The Petroff Defense
Mating Combinations
Pawn Endings 3

Sacrificial Combinations
Queen Endings
Chess Strategy: Pieces
French & Sicilian Defenses
Looking Ahead
Rook Endings

Queen's Gambit
Minor Piece Endings
Chess History 1
Other Openings
Endgame Studies
Chess History 2
The Final Challenge
What Next?

But as well as technical knowledge beginners need to develop cognitive skills to put that knowledge into practics. This is best done by solving puzzles and quizzes. In the main part of the Kids' Zone the lessons are interspersed with quizzes and games designed to reinforce the content of the lessons.

We also have a series of coaching books available with lessons suitable either for school chess clubs or for parents and children to work through at home.

These books are currently free, but donations are welcome. Visit our LIBRARY to see for yourself what's available.