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Class 1 offers lessons on the names of the pieces, how to set them up and how they move. We strongly advise you to complete the lessons in this class before moving on. Even if you THINK you know something you might just be wrong! Every lesson includes a quiz - if you get all the questions right you'll win a certificate.

In Class 2 you learn the more difficult rules of chess. You learn about check, checkmate and stalemate, castling, pawn promotion and the en passant rule. It's really important that you understand everything here before you start playing. Some of these rules are quite hard to understand, so you may well need to keep coming back until you've really got them sorted. Again, after each lesson you can take a quiz and win a certificate.

Class 3 is where things start getting interesting. These are your first steps in learning how to play GOOD chess. Learn how to start the game, how to look for captures, and how to look for checkmates. We advise you to take the lessons in the right order - if not you will probably end up pretty confused!

In Class 4 the lessons get harder and the teachers get scarier. You'll learn about using - and defending against - such lethal weapons as Scholar's Mate, the Fork and the Pin. You'll also learn to how win with just a King and Queen, and much else besides. If you don't start with the first lesson you won't understand the others.

In Class 5 you learn about some even more powerful weapons such as Queen Forks, Discovered Attacks and Back Rank Mates, as well as how to name with a King and Rook, your first chess openings and much, much more.

Class 6 features openings such as the Italian Game and the Two Knights Defence, deadly weapons like Explosions on f7, Decoys and Destruction, an introduction to King and Pawn endings - everything you need to do well in tournaments.

In Class 7 you'll learn some more openings: the Ruy Lopez and the Petroff Defense, both very popular with Grandmasters, how to attack and defend the Castled King, and more about pawns, in both the middle-game and ending.

In Class 8 you'll discover gambits and find out about the French and Sicilian Defenses. You'll also learn about Queen and Rook endings and some more tactics and strategy.

In Class 9 you'll learn about a lot more openings, and about Minor Piece endings. You'll also look at some Endgame Studies, Learn about the history of chess, and try to find some of the brilliant moves played by World Champions. Then you'll be ready for the Ultimate Challenge.

The gymnasium gives you a chance to get your endings into shape by trying out some of our exercises on how to finish off the game. Can you get checkmate with just a King and a Rook? Find out here!

In the games room you can play a game of chess against the computer, but be warned, it plays pretty well! We also advise you on how to make the most of your games. You can also play other games which will help you play chess better.

chessKIDS academy is, to the best of our knowledge, the only school with its own video arcade. Here, you can try out our latest video games specially designed to help you improve your chess. And, if you're successful, there are prizes to be won. If you're a less experienced player, come back here regularly and keep practising until you get really good.

Not only does chessKIDS academy have a video arcade, it has a movie theater as well! As we build more classrooms we'll be adding more movies to demonstrate ideas from the lessons. In the meantime, treat what's there at present as a taster of what's to come.

Our library includes our special chess books for kids - none of which are available elsewhere. There are books for everyone from beginners to big kids. Who knows, you might even find there's a book about you there!

Finally, the Notice Board. Here, you'll find the Puzzle of the Day, the Tip of the Day and all the news of the latest developments at chessKIDS academy. Come back every day for another tip and another puzzle!