Welcome to chessKIDS academy.

I hope you enjoy visiting the site and learning how to play the world's greatest game.

It's not so difficult to learn how the pieces move, but learning to play well is pretty hard. I hope that I'll be able to help you. I believe that learning chess should be fun and hope that, from time to time, you'll see something here that will make you laugh.

Like everything else, the more time you spend on chess the more you'll enjoy it and the better you'll play. If you just want to learn how the pieces move then you can do that here.

But if you'd like to take the game further, and maybe play in tournaments and matches against other kids, you'll learn that here as well.

If you really want to do well I'd advise you to spend a few minutes each day going through different lessons and playing the games on the site.

There's also a lot of advice for your parents and teachers in the Grownups Zone, so make sure they have a look there as well.

Best wishes and good luck as you travel through the exciting world of chess.

Richard James
Principal: chessKIDS academy