You can't play good chess until you know how much the different pieces are worth.

By doing this quiz you can find out whether or not you know this. Try our lesson on THE VALUES OF THE PIECES if you haven't done so already.

As always, you're NOT ALLOWED TO CHEAT BY CHANGING YOUR ANSWER. Pupils caught cheating are IMMEDIATELY EXPELLED from the school.

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Question 1.

How much is the PAWN worth?

a) One point b) Two points

Question 2.

How much is the KNIGHT worth?

a) Two points b) Three points

Question 3.

How much is the BISHOP worth?

a) Three points b) Five points

Question 4.

How much is the ROOK worth?

a) Four points b) Five points

Question 5.

How much is the QUEEN worth?

a) Nine points b) Twelve points

Question 6.

We don't give the KING a value because it's worth the whole game.

a) True b) False

Question 7.

A BISHOP and a PAWN together are usually better than a ROOK.

a) True b) False

Question 8.

A QUEEN and a PAWN are about as good as TWO ROOKS.

a) True b) False

Question 9.

It's a fair exchange to swap a KNIGHT for a BISHOP.

a) True b) False

Question 10.

It's usually better to have a KNIGHT than two PAWNS.

a) True b) False

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