It's easiest to get CHECKMATE when your opponent's King is on the side of the board.

We'll look at two different sorts of CHECKMATE in this lesson.

You can often get CHECKMATE with your Queen or Rook along the edge where the King stands. We call this CHECKMATE the GUILLOTINE.

Here, the White Queen says CHECKMATE and the Rook stops the King escaping up the board.

Here's another CHECKMATE.

This time it's the ROOK which says CHECKMATE.

The King cannot escape because his own Pawns are in the way.

This sort of CHECKMATE is also called a BACK RANK MATE.

This position shows you how you can get CHECKMATE with just a King and a Rook.

The White King blocks the Black King's escape. Don't forget two Kings can never stand next to each other.

The Rook makes the winning move - CHECKMATE.

The next most common sort of CHECKMATE we call the KISS OF DEATH.

Again, the Black King is on the side of the board. The Queen is on the square nearest the King on the next row.

The White King DEFENDS the Queen - Black cannot take the Queen because he'd be on the next square to the White King.

This is another KISS OF DEATH.

This time, the White Bishop is DEFENDING the Queen, so it's still CHECKMATE.

Don't be afraid to get your Queen up close to the enemy King. But make sure the move is SAFE before you play it.

Is this position CHECKMATE?

Certainly not!!

The Black Knight can CAPTURE the White Queen.

Always look at the position carefully before you play a move you think is CHECKMATE.

If your opponent says CHECKMATE look carefully to see if you can find a way out.

That's the end of this lesson on CHECKMATE.

You'll learn much more about CHECKMATES as you work through the course.

Look out for our quizzes and drills to help you practise your CHECKMATING skills.

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