This lesson shows you how the Knight moves.

It moves in the shape of a letter L. Two squares forwards or backwards then one square left and right. Two squares left or right then one square forwards or backwards.

Here, the Knight can move to any square marked with a red circle.

Another thing to notice about the Knight move is that if it is on a white square it must move to a black square.

And if it is on a black square it has to move to a white square.

Just like the other pieces, the Knight can capture by moving to the square of an enemy piece and taking it off the board.

In this position the White Knight can capture any of the eight Black Pawns.

Unlike the other pieces the Knight can JUMP over anything in its way, just like a horse.

Here, the White Knight can still reach eight squares even though there are lots of pieces in the way.

Watch the movie and see how the White Knight captures the Black Pawns.

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