In this lesson we look again at how to get CHECKMATE using the FIRING SQUAD.

We'll start with this position.

We are going to drive the Black King to the back of the board and get CHECKMATE.

The first White Rook opens fire on the Black King.

The Rooks are going to take it in turns to shoot at the prisoner.

Now the other Rook opens fire.

The King cannot move down the board into the fire of the first Rook.

He cannot move sideways either so he must move up the board.

Now it'd the first Rook's turn again.

See how the Rooks take it in turns to move.

Again the King must move up the board.

The second Rook takes aim again.

This time the King has no choice but to move to the top of the board.

He will not be around very much longer!

The first Rook now takes his turn again. This time his shot proves fatal.

If the King tries to escape back down the board he runs into the other Rook's fire.

Nowhere to run! Nowhere to hide! It's CHECKMATE. The King is dead!

Now we'll go through it again, but this time Black will make it a bit harder for White.

The King is going to try to disarm one of the White Rooks

Let's see what happens.

Again, the second Rook fires his rifle at the Black King.

The King bravely approaches him. Will he succeed in snatching the weapon?

White must be careful. If the first Rook shoots again, the Black King will CAPTURE the other Rook. What should he do?

The White Rook flees his attacker. He runs away to the other side of the board.

Not too far though, or he'll get in the way of his colleague.

Now the Black King tries to get back across to menace the Rooks again. Will he be in time?

The first Rook takes aim again.

The Black King valliantly tries to get back across to menace his attackers.

But he's going to be too late.

The second Rook fires again.

It's nearly all over. The Black King has no choice but to go to the top of the board.

Next move it will be CHECKMATE. Do you see how?

Again, the King is trapped on the side of the board.

Shot down in a hail of bullets.

If he tries to move sideways the first Rook gets him. If he tries to move back the second Rook gets him. If he tries to move forwards he runs into the prison wall!

Practise the FIRING SQUAD at home with your father, or with a friend.

If you've got no one to practise it with, try it against JESTER.

Of course it works just as well with a Queen and a Rook.

If you're winning a game and can't think how to finish it off try to get CHECKMATE by using the FIRING SQUAD.

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