If you're going to be a general leading your troops into battle you need to be VERY INTELLIGENT because your job will be to tell them all where to go and what to do.

To pass this test you'll need to remember how much the different soldiers in your army are worth. (Pawn: 1 point, Knights: 3 points, Bishops: 3 points, Rooks: 5 points, Queen: 9 points).

You'll also need to understand about check and checkmate.

Question 1.

White should capture the Black Rook even though he will lose his Knight.

Question 2.

Black must move his Knight from c6 because the Bishop might capture it.

Question 3.

If White captured the pawn on f7 with his Queen he would put his Queen in danger.

Question 4.

It's CHECKMATE! Black is in check and has no safe squares for his King.

Question 5.

It's CHECKMATE! The Black King is dead! White has won the battle!

Question 6.

White should capture the Rook with the Queen rather than the Knight, because it's a more powerful piece.

Question 7.

White's best move is to advance his pawn to the end of the board and turn it into a queen

Question 8.

White should move his pawn one square forward and turn it into a knight.

Question 9.

It's CHECKMATE! Black has lost because his King cannot take the White Queen.

Question 10.

White should move his Bishop on b5 to stop the Black Pawn on a6 taking it.

Congratulations! You have now finished the quiz!

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