Hey, you know what?

I'd like to have a go at being a really good chess player.

To do that I have to practice every day - after I've done my homework, of course.

There's this really cool website called chessKIDS academy (www.chesskids.com).

It's got loads of lessons to teach me everything I need to know about chess.

There are video games, quizzes and puzzles so that I can make sure I really understand what I've learned in the lessons.

There are five computer programs for me to play against - and they'll even give me a start so that I can beat them.

There are books for you to download and read so that you can help me as well.

There are links to sites where I can play chess against other kids, and links which will help me find a chess club to join and tournaments to play in.

The guy who wrote it has been teaching chess for more than 30 years - some of his pupils are now famous grandmasters!

And the best thing of all is that everything is absolutely FREE!

What do you think? Will you let me have a go? Please!!

chessKIDS academy