The planet CAISSA, although a primitive place, is the universe's main source of KARPOVIUM, which is used to power flying saucers.

CAISSA is in the midst of a Civil War. The final battle will soon be taking place. Word has come through that the Dark Forces have gained control of one of the armies. We need to ensure that the battle is won.

There is an ancient legend, written on the wind. A prophecy that, one day, when the need is greatest, a kid - a boy or a girl - will step forward and offer to save the universe. The smartest, toughest, bravest kid there's ever been. And, like all superheroes, this kid will be remembered by one name only - CHESSKID!!

In the days, years and centuries to come, poets will write odes to CHESSKID. Minstrels will sing CHESSKID's praises. This one kid will be remembered as the greatest hero of all time.

We are testing kids NOW to find the smartest, toughest and bravest kid in the universe.

Do you think it might be YOU?

No way - I'm too dumb! No way - I'm too weak! No way - I'm too scared!

You know what? I think I might be just the kid you're looking for.

Hey - before you go you'd better tell your parents where you're going!

to let them know!